Oddly enough, this seemed so much easier when I just posted random thoughts on Face Book. I am honestly unsure of what it is I am trying to say in the grand scheme of things. I do know that I enjoy putting my memories and thoughts into something a little more enduring than what is available in what I am positive is a mind that will fail one day under the crushing weight of mad cow disease combined with a sundry of other odd, mostly microscopic invaders. It also helps me slow things down in my head when I can get my thoughts out. When I don’t, they just pick up momentum until the combined bulk and speed of them all become such a cacophony that the world around me becomes muted and I find myself detached. This I cannot abide since nearly every waking moment holds such great potential to be another adventure. The world is my playground and I’d like to stay in it. So here I am plotting the path that brought me to this point. Maybe that is all I am doing here. Maybe I’m just trying to express how I got this way. Welcome to the world inside my head.

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