Too short to blog, Really. Too long to Tweet

Why does no one in the house speak to me until I put earbuds in?
Me: I think I’ll put on some tunes while I straighten up.
Man Child: I think I’ll wake up and go speak to Dad.
Boy: I think I’ll come in from cutting the grass and talk to Dad.
Pigdog: Wanna see how hard I can throat punch you with my face now that you are bent over?
Timber Wolf: I wanna go outside. Oh look, something moved on the ceiling! Oh wow! You have food? I wanna go outside. Hey! Can your butt tell me if my nose is too dry? I wanna go outside. YOW! Gotta pee.
Me: You keep singing about that Mercedes-Benz, Ms. Joplin. We’ll duet later.

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